Thanks for your interest in Project Joy!

At Good Works Project, we’re all about encouraging people to spread JOY as they go about their day.  Let’s make a point of spreading JOY the first week of every month.

When you do, share a You Got Joy’d! card to let them know why you’re doing this….AND to encourage them to joint Project Joy!  Feel free to put a personal note on the back of your card mentioning your organization, your family, or just words of encouragement to join the project.

If you’re looking for ideas, CLICK HERE.  You can also check out these Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.

If you still need ideas, send us an email at

You can download a copy of the You Got Joy’d  handouts HERE.  This PDF has 9 cards per sheet (8 1/2 X 11).  Just download, print, cut, and you’re good to go!

IF your organization would like a “customized” You Got Joy’d card, just let us know.  We’ll be happy to get one out right away!  Just shoot us a note to

Let’s Do Something Good Together!