We really like to see people smile. 

Good Works Project

Our mission is to encourage people of faith to take action to do good things for a world that desperately needs it….and to have fun doing it!  We are creating a social community to share and amplify the actions, causes, successes, prayers, and generosity of those doing good things. Our goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to live a life of active service to others. We will encourage & promote small acts of service and then through crowd-sourcing, replicate it with an engaged and active social media community.  We will make our faith a viral & social force for good, create an environment where faith in action trends, and leverage social media as a vehicle to do good things.

We want to change the world for good and we need your help.

We’ve made it pretty simple really. There are three ways to get involved. Share, Join and Act. Help broadcast good works to inspire others by following us on social media and share our stories to inspire others. Join our team and commit to love others weekly. We will send you a weekly newsletter with world changing ideas for you that will cost you very little but will make a huge impact. And lastly act. Do you have an amazing idea to share love, peace, joy or happiness? Looking to get involved in our projects? Let’s work together to do Good Works.

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Stories inspire action. Help us get Good Works Stories into news feeds around the world. Help us inspire others. Follow us today.


Commit to helping those around you. Find ideas to serve the people in your life. Share your ideas and your talents.


Have a great idea for Good Works? Looking for an opportunity to get involved? Let’s go make good things happen together!