Friends on the Side of the Track

Have you ever felt prompted to do something for someone, but didn’t? You know, you see a hurried Mom in a grocery store drop her bag, but you were late so you kept going like you didn’t see it? Or, as you are pulling out of a parking lot as a sudden rain shower popped up, and you see a guy in a suit running to his car? Knowing you have an umbrella in the back seat, but you don’t hand it to him? Remember how it felt as you were leaving?

Well, we got tired of feeling that way. We realized we had done that too many times. We realized we will never get that particular chance again. So, we want to be on guard for those moments. To be intentionally looking for them, and act on them the next time.

Do you remember the feeling you got when you did stop and pick the groceries up? Or even just turned back and opened the door for the older lady that was coming, even though she was moving so slow. Remember her smile when she said “Thank you”?

Well, that’s the feeling we like. It made us realize even the smallest act can bring happiness to someone. We walk away knowing we made that person’s day a just a little bit brighter. And that made our day brighter.

We also realized, that, like anything, if we have other people encouraging us, we are more likely to keep going. It’s like running by yourself verses in a race. When you run alone, you just want to get finished. But when you are in a race with other people, and you come around the corner to see your friends snd family gathered along the course cheering for you, holding up signs, and yelling “you can do it!” something magical happens. You find strength you didn’t know you had. You finish better than you ever imagined you could.

That’s what we are trying to do. We want to be the friends on the side of the track telling you “you can do it!” We want to help you “do good works.” We want to help each other. We started this to help encourage ourselves, and now, like anything good, we want to share it.

We want Good Works Project to be a gathering place for ideas and an encouraging place to share success stories.

You should check it out. Who knows, if enough of us do something good, we might change the world.